Wheeler, William F.

Efe Pygmies Archers of the African Rain Forest

Udgivet år: 2000 - Antal bind: 1 - Indbinding: Hellærredsbind. - Tilstand: Eksemplar med brugsspor på omslag. -
Bog ID: 14027

Efe Pygmies is a portrait of an endangered people and place. This volume presents a visual portrayal of the Efe pygmies of the Congo, the world's oldest pure-blooded ethnic group and one of its most remote. Through this book's photography and text, the world can now discover a way of life that has remained intact for thousands of years deep within the reaches of the Ituri rain forest. This volume reflects the seasonally based life of the Efe: boys and men at hunt, family life in the camps, dancing and music making, and bark and body painting. Providing a unique perspective on a people who have been virtually inaccessible until now and capturing the mysterious, sensual quality of the rain forest itself, this special edition is a unique treasure that sheds unprecedented light on an endangered people and environment.

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